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        Crystal Engine is a tool-set for rapid deployment of massive internet projects using a powerful distributed environment solution.
Harnessing provided visual editors your developers will be able to create the structure of the project and launch the service in a minimal period of time, thus insuring competitive time-to-market for your project. CrystalEngine takes care of routine tasks such as object initialization, transport and storage. Thus focusing the developer efforts on creative tasks of designing the project structure and business-logic.
      The distributed solution maximizes the power of parallel processing and modular design. Our cutting-edge solution utilizes two different design structures at the same time. One for administration (hierarchical), and the other for processing (P2P). The system will continue to provide service as long as there is at least one active peer, even if all the other servers are unavailable.
       Having more than 10 years of experience developing server based solutions, we've developed a tool using which every developer can implement a robust and powerful server solution for his MMO project in using minimal amount of time and effort.
Ranging from simple social networks to high-end MMORPG games with it's huge virtual world.
     Using Crystal Engine you do not have to adapt your project, instead - you design and the compile the server-side Crystal Engine solution for your MMO project incorporating your proprietary components and modules. Our solution distinguishes itself from existing server-side engines by reaching out to the level of framework and IDE. CrystalEngine utilizes all of the capabilities of managed .NET environment, yet achieving high performance by using low level kernel elements of the OS.
     Using the visual editors, with several mouse clicks you can create an optimal and stable structure of objects, commands and SQL entities which will be compiled to server engine after you click the "Build" button.
     Utilizing high-speed, distributed cache mechanism based on NoSQL allows using the SQL database for permanent date storage only, alongside of file system based large object store. The solution incorporates a large number of innovative solutions.
Easy administration interface allows a system-wide management perspective, add additional computing power and changing the business modules on-the-fly.
Key solution features

         Modular structure, hot-swap module change without restarting serve-side components
Automatic distributed objet caching using high-speed NoSQL structure.
Any client platform support (Utility3D, Flash, Java, iOS, .NET, C++, HTML5)
Graphic administration tools for the whole project ranged from subnet to a single module.
Dynamic server engine libraries compilation and automatic upload to the developer's PC for fine-tuning of the business logic modules ("One Click")
Support for solution subnets (development, pre-prod, and prod environments)
Visual monitoring for different parts of the project (Hardware, objects, cache)
  Support for collaborate project development
Support for major transport protocols, proprietary protocols can also be used
         The server works on Microsoft Windows platform
         The server solution is distributed "by-design" thus allows support for large scale deployments and servicing large number of clients


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