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Crystal Engine product is designer for creating server solutions for any type of internet project ranging from social app to a large MMORG game

  Server solution can work with any type of client. Flexible data transport protocol allows incorporating already existing clients to the servers. Simultaneous access from multiple client types is possible to a single project. Proprietary data transport protocols are also supported, out modular structure makes possible the integration of any module into the server engine.  

  The server solution is modular "by-design". All of the project logic is done in separate modules (dll). Modules are .NET libraries. Every module can be connected of disconnected to a server without any downtime. Now you can change business logic module without the client feeling anything on-the-fly!  


CrystalEngine takes care of all the routine code writing, transport, object definition, SQL entities and commands. The developer is left with creative tasks of designing the objects and the project's business logic. Using visual editors in the ProjectBuilder the developer quickly designs and modifies all of the objects for the project and compiles the server engine. A pre-compiled library works much faster than scripts. The developer has the whole source-code for his server-engine and can compile a new version at any time.



CrystalEngine support a subnet system for a single project. Each subnet works with a different build of the server-engine. An administrator can easily change the libraries of the server-engine for the whole subnet by using the Admin Control Panel. For example, a new version of the engine can be tested in one subnet and then moved to another, production subnet.



Teamwork support. All of the changes done by one developer are available to the rest of the team. Lead developer can manage the work of his team, monitoring the changes in real-time, without restarting ProjectBuilder



Real time server-engine update. The developer modifies the engine structure (new command, fields etc.). Afterwars, with a single click on the «Build» button, all the changes are availblne in the Visual Studio. «OneClick» is fully enabled.



Visual real-time system monitoring. Every system object can be viewed at any time. Cache pools of the Peer servers for example. Tracking of all the server-side generated errors and warnings. This can be done for every application or module, on any of the managed nodes (hosts).



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